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Guduchi – the Ayurvedism was founded in January 2013, with the primary objective of the organization being a focus on the lifestyle related diseases.

Obesidat is an Ayurvedic Weight Loss Tablet developed by Guduchi. Obesidat is 100% natural slimming treatment which helps to remove unwanted fat by correcting cell to cell metabolism. Obesidat has successfully cleared the acute oral toxicity test proving that there are no side effects on key body organs like heart, spleen, kidney etc.

On November 2016, it officially launched Obesidat nationwide which concluded with a special Obesity awareness program conducted on Suvarna News Kannada.


The Client had recently launched this product in November 2016 only and wanted a good amount of traffic and profit through every possible platform in the Digital Marketing. It was a tough job as the product was completely new and unknown to a large section of people.

We analyzed the entire situation, noted the drawbacks and recommended the solutions to our client which was accepted by the client as well.


For this particular project, we introduced a highly visible on-site and off-site promotional plan. We performed multiple promotional activities for the same which include complete SEO (both On-site as well as Offsite), Social Media Promotion (both Organic as well as Sponsored). We also ran Google, YouTube and AdSense ads. Apart from these, we have also performed Twitter and Facebook Trending along with the team of 150+ professional influencers.


With our consistent progress, we have comprehended a massive improvement in terms of website visitors/traffic. We have received a decent amount of attractions through Paid Press Releases. Moreover, since the website is new, we are regularly promoting client business by implementing the various activities on the daily, weekly or biweekly basis. Website traffic is continuously improving and we are keeping a sharp eye on its progress and improvement. We will keep you posted regarding the same accordingly.

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