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Oak Energy Associates has been established to offer a compelling solution that recognizes the current unique challenges within the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry. The company offers expertise that can be deployed in a manner that offers flexible, proven and credible solutions and personnel to clients facing challenges in accessing and maintaining high-level expertise in a low-cost environment.

With offices in both UK and Singapore, Oak Energy offers a flexible service that can react quickly and effectively to enable a tailored and rapid response.


The major challenge we faced while working on this website was related to the development of customization of tools. Along with this, Webpage optimizations were a massive trial with the content needing to be at par with Quantity, Quality, Consistency and Longevity.

Strategy/ Solutions

We refurbished the website to more comprehensive yet accessible while improving the quality of the content. We have successfully developed an e-Commerce website for oil and gas energy. The end result was an attractive, robust, responsive and user-friendly website.

We were able to accomplish the assigned task efficaciously within the given deadline.


We promptly delivered this project with an attractive client rating and appreciation. Our client had full faith in us that we will meet all their demands within the time limit. It was really exciting working with this client and the end result was a successful launch of another great project.

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