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Nuratech, headquarter in Chennai, is a research, technology and consulting company which was formed to deliver world class cost-effective solutions with timely delivery and best quality. Nuratech Labs works into the Internet of Intelligent Things. Their Software Defined Things engine removes the abstraction from Man, Machine, and Methods by building robust data relation and converting data into meaningful information.


The major challenge we faced in this project was related to the Module as the company is sort of a consultancy firm and has different features and functionality. We analyzed the entire website, noted the drawbacks and recommended the solutions to our clients which were accepted by the clients as well.

Strategy/ Solutions

We developed the complete functionality for the website with various custom sources to manage it. We refurbished the entire website to more comprehensive yet accessible while keeping the quality intact.

We retained the website mainstay while improving the optimization and keeping it user-friendly as well as responsive.


We have successfully developed this website and it was really exciting working with this client and the end result was a successful launch of another great project. Our client had full faith in us that we will meet all their demands on time. We promptly delivered this project with an attractive client rating and appreciation.

  • Client Nuratech
  • Skills HTML5 / PHP / CSS3
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