J. Bailey

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Jannette Bailey with her combined Ph.D., MBA has been a senior facilitator for Fortune 500 companies, keynote speaker, executive coach, webinar training instructor, quality management advisor, strategic business developer and classroom presenter.


The main objective of the project was to build and develop an application so that the private and public sector are able to manage in a modern and intuitive way.

We analyzed the entire website, noted the drawbacks and recommended the solutions to our clients which were accepted by the clients as well.


Our dedicated team has researched exhaustively to make the features compatible as per the desired frameworks and technologies. We incorporated many web applications and designs to make the website robust.

We retained the website mainstay while improving the optimization and keeping it user-friendly as well as responsive.


We developed an application as per the Client’s expectations and requirements. Our client had full faith in us that we will meet all their demands on time. The end product has been successfully delivered to the client and client was very content with the end result.

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