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Aversan Inc, headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, is a global engineering firm expert in turn-key product development of an embedded system for the Aerospace and Defense markets. It is a global engineering company offering products and engineering services both on and off site. It offers high-quality products and services that range across engineering disciplines including hardware, software, systems, test, project and mechanical.


Major challenges for us were:

  • Visibility on highly competitive keywords:

It was a challenge to make sure that all the competitive keywords are accessible visible, and the website has quality content.

  • Un-optimized Webpages:

Webpage optimizations was a massive trial as it required that the on-page SEO is all in right place and the content has Quantity, Quality, Consistency and Longevity while also keeping the web page responsive.

  • Safeguard the website from cyber-attack and other malware:

Safeguarding the website from Cyber-attack and other malware was a herculean test. It was difficult to maintain proactive measurements for the same.


Aversan was very trusting when it came to us for better optimization and we held our end of the bargain as well. We devoted a team of experts into this project as we were committed to delivering the best results along with keeping the website fame alive.

  • We refurbished the website to more comprehensive yet accessible while keeping the quality intact
  • The focus was given to three areas of Network-based mitigation, host based mitigation and proactive measures to safeguard the website from malware and cyber-attacks.
  • We retained the website mainstay while improving the optimization and keeping it user-friendly as well as responsive.


With-in a short duration of 2 months, we were able to provide more than 40% improvement in website traffic. By that time, we were at the top positions for most of the highly competitive keywords. We promptly delivered this project with an attractive client rating and appreciation.

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