The Importance of an Expert of Event Management in India

The past decade has witnessed a boom in the Event industry in India. Every now and then, people all around are trying to throw event parties to celebrate various occasions. Needless to say, events and theme parties are becoming an integral fragment of our lives. From small events like birthday celebrations, engagements etc. to big commercial and sports events like musical concerts and marathons, nobody can deny the importance of the need to socialize.

What’s it about?

This is where Event Management comes into the picture. There are still many of us who are unacquainted of this term. So, what is Event management? Event management is the art of organizing a proficient, seamlessly synchronized, well planned and dedicated event for a target audience.The size of the event depends on the target audience. For example, an intimate event like a birthday party can be small if the guest list is fairly lesser, while a commercial event like a musical concert or an award function has to be massive.

The process behind it:

As the demand of professionally organized events is increasing, the operation of Event Industry is getting exceedingly proficient and organized as well.  The event Industry caters to events in four broad categories:

Personal– Birthday party, engagement, wedding ceremony etc.

Commercial– Musical concerts, award functions etc.

Business– Corporate retreats, product launch etc.

Organizational– Marathons, Charity events etc.

The major contributors to this industry’s growth are the television and sports events, charity events, fund-raising events, corporate awards and conferences, product launch party, reality shows and more.

Need for an expert Event Manager:

Every successful event demands the hard work of a dedicated manager. Unfortunately, there is an acute shortage of experienced professionals in this field, much rather an expert. It is an expert’s job to visualize the concepts, plan, and budget, organize and eventually execute the events.

Although the job requires a lot of hard work and efforts, it also offers an enormous scope of making the events memorable and thrilling for the client and the audience alike.Here comes the need for an expert manager.An expert manager will realize the potential of the market and plan according to that. The next step would be to gauge the demand and supply state. Then comes the step of executing the meticulously planned proceedings.

Since the supply of qualified event managers is deficient compared to the growing demand, those who aspire to become the expert need the following skill sets:

  • Multitasking and Risk management ability
  • Impeccable Public-relations skills
  • Careful Budgeting skills
  • Marketing and business expertise
  • Reliability at hitting deadlines

Taking all the above-mentioned skills into account, the managers need to see their team through proposal, development, and production right up to the delivery.Maintaining timelines is a huge problem faced by event industry. Hence, the expert managers are expected to set a flawless design, communicate with their team and maintain the timelines for perfect execution.

It goes without saying that developing and maintaining client relationships is equally important. An expert manager is required to understand the need to travel to onsite inspections and project managing events and of course, being responsible for all project budgets from start to finish.

The main progress driver of this sector is the continuous upsurge in the number and the scale of the Event industry. Needless to say, the most profitable aspect of this field is the prerequisite for creativity. In simpler terms, the canvas is huge for the expert managers to reflect their creative expression upon.

In response to the crushing pressure to thrive and reach for betterment each and every event, experts need the drive of professionalism which is, unfortunately, lacking in Indian Event Industry. The need of the hour is expert event managers who are accepting of the convergence and not afraid to push the envelope.

Event Management

Event Management

What it is:

Event management is the creation and development of large scale events such as conferences, ceremonies, formal parties, conventions etc.

Why it is essential:

Event management is broadly the process of planning and coordinating an event. It includes budgeting, scheduling, site selection, acquiring necessary permits, arranging for speakers or entertainers, catering, coordinating with third party vendors, and emergency plans.

We have conducted many event managements of strategic marketing and communication for various companies, big as well as small start-ups. We assist you from start to finish by concluding the event in an innovative manner and help the event to be more memorable.